IF Design Award Winner Hammam Design Radiator

Hammam Design Radiator is a producer of towel warmers and aluminum design radiators in Turkey since 1996. Beside exporting to many countries, Hammam towel warmers and radiators are sold in most exclusive shops in Turkey. Hammam brand name is always recognized with its high quality and unique designs in the sector. By winning the iF Design Award in 2019, Hammam Design Radiator has become the first and only Turkish award winner in its sector in the history of the competition.
Oğuzhan Cellat and Burçak Cellat Korkut, co-founders of Hammam Design Radiator, received the award on behalf of the entire Hammam team stating that “success belongs to the hard work of highly educated and experienced Hammam Family.”

Infinite Value in Design

The award-winning Hammam design SPIN towel warmer takes attention with its perfectly rounded corners. The endless circle created in the body of the design, is one of the most important details that makes it unique.
SPIN is inspired from a minimal design approach to maintain convenient use of narrow bathrooms. SPIN towel warmer provides ease of use with its accessible structure, it is easy to clean and hygienic.

Award-Winning Bends of Steel

Spin towel warmer is designed by bending the hard structure of the stainless steel to a smooth endless circle. The combination of robust nature of stainless steel with infinite soft circle design, achieves an aesthetic look. Constructed from completely recyclable stainless steel, like all other Hammam products, Spin towel warmer enables us to leave a sustainable world to future generations.