IMPORTANT: The heat requirement of each space with the same square meter cannot be same. Each space has its own characteristics depending on many parameters such as geographical location, location of the relevant space in the building, window type, size, roofing, wall material… etc. This calculation method is intended to provide a rough information of heat loss for the space to be heated and does not impose any responsibility on our company.


For practical heat loss calculation, you need the volume of the space to be heated in cubic meters. After calculating this value, you will need to choose one of the following values ​​according to your geographic region.

  1. Zone: 30 kcal/h/m3
  2. Zone: 45 kcal/h/m3
  3. Zone: 60 kcal/h/m3
  4. Zone: 70 kcal/h/m3

Area to be heated Width 4 (m) x Length 4 (m) = a room of 24 m2 and a height of 2.6 meters

4x4x2.6= 41.6 m3

Let’s Suppose the heat zone will be 2 and the value will be taken as 45 kcal/h /m3.

41.6 x45 = 1872 Kcal/h

When choosing a towel warmer or decorative radiator from our range, you should choose products with a minimum heat output of 1872 kcal/h and above. Please note that this calculation provides combined heat loss for the space. You may need more than 1 product to meet the required heat output.

As an example of product selection:

For the Decorative Aluminum Radiator Arnika model: the heat value of 1 section of a 600 mm high product is 142 kcal/h.

For the required space (result in the example): 1872(kcal/h) / 142 (kcal/h) = 13 sections are needed.

From the technical table, you can see those 13 sections of Arnika, corresponds to 600mm x 1555 (mm) width.