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The key performance factor for the Aluminium Radiators is the proper design of fins and sections inside. The proper design allows better heat output and less cost. While we are designing Aluminium Radiators, we use Computational Flow program where we can measure many parameters in an imaginary room, created by our engineering team, according to EN 442 European Norms. We can measure the effect of airflow, we can measure the unheated idle sections and we can calculate the heat output of the aluminium radiator with max. %5-%10 difference from laboratory test results. This allows us to be able to measure the heat output of aluminium radiators correctly and if necessary, we make developments at the design stage before investing heavily in moulds and tools. Our Aluminium Radiators are produced from extruded aluminium. Sections and collectors are being grouped by using press-fit technology. %100 aluminium connectors are used to combine collectors and sections, which brings the benefit of no-corrosion. When connectors made of different materials other than aluminium is used, there is a potential risk of corrosion since steel or other materials react with aluminium and forms corrosion according to chemistry rules.