Why Should You Work With Us?

To carry the Hammam brand among the top 3 brands of the world with its technology and innovation in the design radiator sector;

Selection and Placement

Blue-collar employees are selected from the applications that are received in the form of personal applications, CV collections from official government institutions, and by reviewing CV’s on the position opened on the website. White-collar employees are selected from the applicatons made through website. Candidates’ competence and suitability for the position applied for are carefully evaluated by Human Resource professionals. Recruitment procedure starts for the candidates whose evaluation result is positive.

Education and Development

We want to increase the quality of the work made by our employees and contribute to their personal development. Professional work environment and high performance employee profiles are targeted with various training programs offered at our workplace.

Salary System

In our company, a performance-based wage system is applied, which is determined according to the principles of universal wage policies. It is flexible enough to adapt to changing economic and environmental conditions, and objectively equal to the value added by the employee.

Career Planning

Our company supports its employees who have positive performance and who have a vision.
Due to the dynamic nature of our workplace, employees who stand out with their performance are evaluated for new or vacant positions.

Performance Management

In line with the goals given to the employees, we support them to reach their goals. We make organizations, entertainments and deliver gifts.. Motivating arguments are used to support the employees. At the end of the year, the targets can be reviewed and bonuses can be given to the employees based on achievements

Employee Profile

Total Employee: 127

%22 Female – %78 Male

%69 Blue Collar, 31% White Collar

4% Master, 19% Undergraduate, 6% Associate Degree, 70% High School and Other

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