Our company, which prioritizes customer expectations and value added products, is proud of being one of the first government supported R&D Centers in its sector.

In all innovative and creative designs we made, we prioritize quality and energy efficiency in line with customer expectations. In this direction, our company continues its R&D activities with a staff of 20 engineers and technicians in order to add value to living spaces.

We follow closely national and international academic and scientific publications in order to strengthen the R&D Center at the highest level in terms of quality and infrastructure. We have projects that are carried out under the supervision of the Ministry of Industry and Technology.

The main purpose of the projects carried out in the R&D Center is to increase the heat efficiency in the spaces with the most accurate and highest material quality, to reduce the costs, and to realize functional and innovative designs that will add aesthetics and elegance to the spaces.

The requests and ideas from the customers are checked by a team of engineers for producibility. Once it is approved, feasibility studies are carried out. In this study, applicable technologies are researche, intellectual property, industrial rights and patents for relevant design and production methods are checked,  literatures are researched. Once necessary resources are determined, then project ideas are first transformed into concept designs by the industrial design team and after customer approval they are transferred to digital programs to Solidworks, Visualize, etc. They are converted into solid models using software and parametric modeling techniques.

Design verifications are made with Solidworks Flow Simulation, Solidworks Simulation Premium software and CFD and FEA analyses under the conditions determined by EN 442 and VDI 6036 standards. After the positive results of the design verifications, prototypes are produced. In order to prevent all problems that may occur in product life, all tests such as temperature, flow, etc., considering the parameters below are made before mass production approval:

The results of all the work done are recorded using Solidworks PDM software, including any changes that may occur throughout the product lifecycle.

Our company values continuous development and works with all its strength in order to develop thermal efficiency, thermal comfort, human and nature-friendly technologies with its R&D center activities. We are continuing to be pioneer in innovations and to be the leader who sets higher standards in its sector.