Hammam Design Radiator designates technical specifications for the eligibility of raw materials and semi-finished products, in compliance with world standards .Suppliers are chosen among the manufacturers that can fulfill the requirements of these specifications.

All raw materials and semi-products that are reported and certified in accordance with EN 10204 – 3.1 for the production of towel warmers and radiators are controlled by advanced technology control equipment according to the input quality control instructions and technical drawings prepared separately for each.

Controls are made with a portable XRF Spectral analyzer for material chemical components, a surface measuring device for surface gloss and reflection quality, an endoscopic camera to check the seam areas of pipes and profiles, and a surface roughness measuring device for surface quality.

Glossmeter (EN ISO 2813) for gloss on painted materials, cross-cut equipment for paint adhesion quality (EN ISO 2409), coating thickness measuring device (EN ISO 2360) for measuring paint thickness, spectrophotometer for color tone (painted and PVD coated products) and other than these, controls are provided with basic measuring instruments that are calibrated by an independent accredited institution every year.

Material quality approval is given after confirming with a spectral analysis device that the stainless steel raw material is at 304, 304L, 316, 316L quality level according to ASTM A554-14 standard. According to the TS EN 573-3 standard, the aluminum raw material is at 6063 quality level, and it is confirmed by the spectral analysis device.

It is ensured that the paints used on products have UV resistance,  comply with the Qualicoat paint standards and the thickness is minimum 70 µm. For PVD coated and painted products, the delta E value is checked by measuring the L, A, B color coordinates with a color measuring device.

During production of towel warmers and radiators, the semi-products are checked in accordance with the technical drawings and control instructions. All controls are made with precision measurement control sets. All parts of radiators and towel warmers are checked dimensionally and visually and recorded in the process control measurement data forms.

Each towel warmer and radiator produced according to EN 442 standard is checked 100% according to the technical drawing and final control instructions during the final control process and recorded in the final control form. All towel warmers and radiators are tested according to the standards and are subjected to 100% tightness test with pressure values determined specifically for each product. The towel warmer and radiator are photographed and recorded with all their components during the packaging-palletizing phase. Packaged towel warmer and radiator product descriptions, promotional labels and locations are checked according to the technical drawings prepared for this work. All electric towel warmers are subjected to CE electrical tests according to EN 60335 standard.

Each product produced at Hammam Design Radiator is labeled with a unique barcode during packaging, and information about which operations the product has gone through and which raw material or semi-finished product is consumed during the operations can be tracked with these labels. With the same labels, the towel warmer and radiator information sent to our customers can also be accessed. Operators label the products they control with the label that expresses them. All data obtained are recorded manually and digitally.

In the ‘Shipping audit’ process, all process controls are applied to the products that are sampled from towel warmers or radiators ready for shipment, and the determinations are recorded. Checked towel warmers and radiators are photographed with all their components.