Industrial Design 

Our industrial design team builds a strong collaboration with our R&D team, analyzing the needs of end users, observing experiences and expectations. We are not only trying to provide better end user experience for their existing needs but also trying to present detailed information to expand their awareness revealing imperceived details.

In our design process, we are nourished from people, art, architecture and science. We transform our designs into scientific projects, university-industry collaborations, and innovative studies with our in-house R&D center.
We consider the harmony of our products with other components in living spaces in terms of form, color, surface and texture. We support to capture the integrity of the space with our complementary accessories and decorative additional components.

In our product range, we work for different tastes; we create models with different effects such as retro, modern, exotic, fun, dynamic, loft, classical, artistic, luxury, sophisticated with special colors and texture options, and ensure that the end user can reflect his taste by our products to his living spaces.
We are working on designs with all details so that our products can provide ease of assembly and application. Our products are suitable for all kinds of pipeworks, and can simply adapt to your life.

We focus on making our designs accessible by optimizing product costs.
We blend the enthusiasm of our young industrial design team with the experiences of our experienced production staff. As a manufacturer, we strive to complete living spaces with Hammam, with our traditionalist, futuristic and always visionary structure.
We are proud of serving our customers original products unique in design, function, durability and are design registered in the World.