Chairman’s Message

Our company, which has been operating as a manufacturer in the Towel Warmer and Radiator sector since 1996, carries out all its activities such as Production, Industrial Design, R&D, Sales-Marketing with its own staff, with its production experience, human resources and technological knowledge accumulated until today.

Our large engineering staff within our Ministry-approved R&D center carries out many projects in cooperation with the university, and works on continuous change, development, new product commissioning, and fulfilling the necessary competencies in our products for export countries. In addition to the production of towels and radiators, we also serve in the field of production or engineering solutions for many special projects.

Our industrial design team designs pioneering, functional products that appeal to different tastes, from classical to modern design, and find solutions to different needs. Designs with measure and color combinations, “designs to warm up with elegance” in a wide range of designs ranging from “less is more” to assertive designs.

With our strong financial structure, our Quality team that has drawn a path of development and change from every experience since 1996, our valuable human resources, our production team and craftsmen with very valuable workmanship and experience, we are able to produce many special products that require manual labor in addition to high technology production conditions.

Our company has become one of the leading companies in the sector, both in the domestic and foreign markets, with the Hammam Design Radiator brand created by its own marketing and sales team. Our marketing and sales team works very closely with our production units, and by having very detailed information about the product, we identify the needs of our customers that they are not aware of and provide value-added information and service. Our team can perform product positioning, competitor analysis, sales price analysis in accordance with the market structure in more than 40 different markets, and serve export customers in different countries with product positioning suitable for each market and segment.

Being able to manage all our activities with our teammates enables us to be a big family that feeds on each other, develops, catches the point of view in every direction and can look at it from every eye.

Our Values: Leadership, Trust, Empathy, Belonging, Innovation…

While doing our job, our priority is to be customer-oriented, ethical, responsible, and to respect the environment and the individuals.

Although we aim to be among the best in the world as a vision, our main goal is to enter your homes as happiness and to complete with you as you are complete with Hammam.

Complete with Hammam…. Be completed with Hammam..

Oğuzhan CELLAT